Face lift

Face lift is the solution for drooping cheeks, chin, neck sag and wrinkle. In some cases, have excess fat in the cheeks and chin then the doctor will perform liposuction at the same time. This procedure is suitable for a patient who has the trenches alongside the nose, cheeks and neck that started veering or having several layers. However, this procedure cannot fix forehead wrinkles and eyelids droop.

Pre-Operative Care

  1. Avoid anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID) such as aspirin, smoking some supplements that affect blood clotting, such as garlic and fish oil at least 2 weeks before surgery.

  2. Avoid herbs such as Evening Primrose, Vitamin E, foods containing high amounts of monosodium glutamate, garlic, soya products. Patients need to inform the doctor, may need to stop taking for 3-5 days before having the surgery.

  3. Preoperative fasting for about 6 hours.

  4. Prepared hair wash before surgery to prevent infection.

  5. The pressure should control pressure is below 140/90 mmHg (mmHg) surgical will involve blood loss for 2 weeks before surgery

  6. Avoid smoking and drinking 2 weeks before surgery.

  7. Preparation leave for about 7-10 days for full facelift and 5-7 days for partial part.

  8. Should bring friend with you on the day of surgery.

  9. Should inform the doctor about your medical conditions for instance diabetes, heart disease and drug allergies such as Penicillin, sulfa.

  10. Those with certain types of heart disease who need drugs such as aspirin should consult a doctor before the surgery

  11. Those taking Coumadin to prevent clotting of the veins in the legs or

    in people with heart valve leakage should consult your doctor and stop taking before surgery.

  12. No operation for those who use a pacemaker for the heart.

  13. Jewelry metal need to be removed.

  14. Two weeks after surgery, dark blood and lymphatic will occur around neck.

  15. Scars caused by surgery will be behind the ears and hairline.

Surgical Procedures

    1. Anterior facelift

The surgery Side of forehead and cheek The scar will be around the temporal and cheeks without the wound behind the ear. For those who want to pull the side forehead, cheekbones, brow lift and face for those traces wrinkled face. But no wrinkled at neck area.

This surgery can be performed without anesthesia. Or if the patient wants to be under general anesthesia, it can be done as well.

  1. Full Facelift

The surgery will be performed at the upper, middle and neck. This is the most popular procedure because it can help the whole face look more youthful. Resolves chin and neck that were wrinkled.

This surgery requires general anesthesia, hospitalization 1 day after surgery. Patient should take leave for about 7 days because there will be swelling after surgery.


  1. Temporal lift

 This procedure for retrieve the brow.

3.1 incisions will be inside the hairline as well as how to pull ahead. This procedure cannot see a wound on the face. The surgery can be performed by with or without general anesthesia.

3.2 The incision will be at hairline. This procedure for those who already have a broad forehead, the baldly and do not want forehead wider. The scar will be at the hairline but it will not increase the width of the forehead.

Post-Operative Care

  1. Apply Cold Compress 4 times a day to reduce the swelling in the first period of recovery.

  2. Should lie head elevated (high pillow) so that blood flow to the heart area. Swelling will subside faster.

  3. Remove bandage the next day after the surgery. You may wash your hair very gently and make sure to keep them dry.

  4. Come back 4 days after the surgery to remove the stitches around the ear area. If you delay to remove your stitch, it may cause some wound.

  5. A week after the surgery you will come back again to loosen the stitch on your head to make it more comfortable for the wound.

  6. 10 Days after the surgery, you are required to come back to remove all the stitches and for the follow up. However, if the incision is still tight you might have to remove your stitches 14 days after the surgery.

  7. After removing all the stitches, you are recommended to apply ointment for reducing scar 2 times per day to prevent keloid.

  8. Take all the medication prescribe and follow all guidance by the doctor.

  9. No alcohol drinks and smoking.

  10. If there is any bleeding or any abnormal condition, contact the doctor immediately.