Lip Surgery


In spite of general differences in men’s lips and women’s lips, people who has quite thick lip might have lack of self-confidence when they are ask to do presentation in front of an audience or even taking a photo. With the development in technology, the procedure for lip surgery is not complicated anymore. Along with, the hidden scar which the incision will be inside the mouth and is therefore invisible.


  1. Use scalpel.

  2. Use laser for the surgery. The benefit of using laser is there will be no bleeding, the incision will dry faster and smoother than using the scalpel.

At Lelux Hospital, we offer 2 kinds of lips surgery including:

Upper Lip Lift (Upper Lip Lift Shortening)

An upper lip lift is suitable for people who are unhappy with the length of their upper lip or someone who think their upper lip is quite thick. The upper lip refers to the area between the base of the columella of the nose and the reddish pink of the lip which the ideal length is said to be 12-15 millimeters. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia. The incision is made just along the vemillon border of the lip, excessively fat and tissue from the lip will be removed. Therefore, the upper lip would have shortened and pulled upward. The result of the upper lip lift would give you more pleasant shape and more youthful looking lips.

Lip Reduction

Full, plump lips are sexy but there are limits. Excessively large or thick lips may appear out of proportion which can interfere with eating or speaking. If you think that your lip is too large or thick, the lip reduction would be worth considering. Again, the procedure will be performed under local anesthesia. After that, the surgeon will create an incision along the length of your lip, usually on the inside of the mouth. The surgeon then removes excess fat and tissue from the lip before suturing the incision closed. This surgery can be performed on both the upper and lower lip to improve the patient’s appearance and balance out facial features.

Post-Operative Care

After the operation, patients might feel uncomfortable and find it hard to close their mouth properly. This is because patients are not get used to their new lip size yet as well as the swelling. The maximum swelling will take about 5 days after the surgery. The swelling will decrease in 2 weeks but will be fully recovered by 1-3 months. During the recovery period you are recommend to follow the procedure as follow.

  1. Should lie head elevated (high pillow) so that blood flow to the heart area. Swelling will subside faster.

  2. No spicy food, seafood, fermented food, alcohol drinks and smoking.

  3. Do not brush your teeth for 1 week after the surgery but rinse your mouth with a specific mouthwash (Isodine) every time after your finish your meal to prevent any infection.

  4. Apply petroleum jelly to moisture your mouth.

  5. Use straw when drinking fresh water.

  6. Avoid talking or moving your mouth to prevent any effect on the incision.

  7. Take all the medication prescribe and follow all guidance by the doctor.