Vaginal Prolapse Repair Surgery

Vaginal wall repair is a surgical procedure used to correct vaginal prolapse. By the term “Prolapse” means slip out of place. An ideal candidate for this surgery would be women whose bladder or urethra slips down into their vagina. There are many factors why this happened such as overweight or deliver a baby vaginally. The symptoms of vaginal prolapse mainly include pain during sexual intercourse, a sense of fullness or discomfort in your vagina as well as the leakage of urine. This procedure is used to tighten the front wall of your vagina, it would help your bladder or urethra to stay in place.

Types of Procedures

  1. Posterior Repair (Back wall of the vagina) – This is a small surgery for patient who wish to tighten their vagina. The surgery will be done at the back part of the vagina. General anesthesia is not needed; only local anesthesia is enough.

  2. Anterior and Posterior Repair (Front and back wall of the vagina) – The incision will be made inside of the vagina which enables the surgeon to access the tissue supporting the vagina. This tissue is strengthened with stitches and reattached to the supporting structures within the pelvis. Finally, the incision inside the vagina are then closed with stitches that will dissolve in few weeks.

Post-Operative Care

  1. For patient who choose to do both anterior and posterior repair will remain in the hospital for 2-3 days.

  2. In the first 3 days, avoiding moving or shifting around for fast healing.

  3. Avoid lifting or carrying heavy object.

  4. Shower is allowed but no chemical solution such as feminine wash from contacting the vaginal area.

  5. Try to eat

  6. Do not refrain from urinating and defecating.

  7. If there is any swelling or you are not able to urinate, contact the doctor immediately.

  8. If there is any bleeding on the first 2-3 days, you may use sanitary pad.

  9. The incision will be healed in 7-10 days and the stitches will dissolve in few weeks.

  10. Clean your wound by immersing in warm water.

  11. Take all the medication prescribe and follow all guidance by the doctor. You will have to come 1 week after the surgery for checkup.

  12. No sexual activities during the recovery process at least 45 days after the surgery.

  13. No fermented food, alcoholic drink, seafood and smoking at least 1 month.