For major surgeries, it is essential that patients stay at the hospital at least 1 night for recovery. All hospital rooms have been designed with the patients’ comfort and safety in mind. All rooms have been designed professionally which would make you feel relax during your stay. We have medical staff standby to look after you 24 hours with a nurse call button for easy communication in rooms and bathrooms in case of any emergency.

Lelux Hospital offers free Wi-Fi and telephones in every patient to facilitate communication between patient and medical staff. Parking spaces are available at the back of the building.

Common Room Amenities include the following features:

  • Imported electronically adjustable beds
  • Nurse call system
  • Individual cable television
  • Individually controlled room air conditioning
  • Complimentary bathroom amenities

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Dermatology Center

At Lelux Hospital, we provide you the best machine you could ever ask for. Sometimes the perfection can be created with just a little touch. Therefore, we offer both laser and treatment to enhance the beauty in you. For instance, Thermage CPT which could help your skin to look sleeker, smoother and younger but only require minimal recovery time. Or, E-matrix which could help about acne scars, fractional resurfacing and wrinkles. The treatments are conducted by teams of doctors and specialized nurses who provide extensive specialist care of the highest standard to meet all the needs of patient on helping them achieve the best possible results for their beauty treatments.

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Dental Center

Oral health touches every aspect of our lives but is often taken for granted. Your mouth is a window into the health of your body. It can show signs of nutritional deficiencies or general infection. It is very important for patient to come for check up every 6-12 months, therefore, if patients already choose to do any surgery at Lelux Hospital, they can also come and do dental check up on the same day to save the time. At Lelux Hospital, we offer you the best dental instruments and equipment under controlled by sterile technique and hygienic system.

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Physical Therapy Center

We believe that post-operative care is one of the most important process. For all breast augmentation patient, it is very important that they will get the right concept, therefore, we have a physical therapy center to guide how to massage their breast correctly. Also, we also have a device called “SONO plus”, this device would help reducing the fibrosis which could be created around the breast area.

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Reception & Waiting Area

The design of Lelux Hospital is the colonial style which is the fusion between the architecture of the West and the Thai carving. Our aim is to provide the best customer experience. We have complimentary drinks and an area where patients and their family could wait. Also, we offer you a high-speed wireless internet access on the reception floor which you can ask for free password at the counter. We wish that every time patient visits our hospital they will feel comfortable and relax.

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