Jaw reduction surgery

Jaw reduction surgery

Jaw reduction surgery usually  involves cutting off a portion of the

mandible or removing the outer cortex

of the mandible in order to achieve

a smaller or „V‟ shaped jawline. Cheekbone  reduction aims to do the same thing by either  moving the bone inwards or shaving it to make  the face smoother.



The jaw shave procedure includes:

-Assessing the amount of natural muscle around the jaw line. X-rays can sometimes be used to determine

where the bones are located and what must be removed to create a smoother jaw.

-The patient is induced to general anesthesia.

-An incision is made between the gum and cheek, next to the jaw. A surgical drill and micro-saw are then

used to curve out the jaw line and create a well-rounded look.

-The surgical site is closed off using self-dissolving stitches.

-A compressive dressing is applied.